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With so many businesses serving their patrons from curb-side, parking lot, and back door deliveries to open fields and parking lots — businesses have had to find creative ways to conduct business.

This author has personally experienced these, and with them, failures and successes of each.

Success leaves me with…

In the quest to squeeze out every bit of search engine visibility for your business, take a look at your Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster reports for 404 status errors. You can also find these through third-party audit tools like SEMrush.

A 404 status simply refers to a page…

Word-of-mouth, print, mobile app, and social media marketing tactics all work at increasing brand awareness for your restaurant, which in 2020 being such a volatile year — these methods couldn’t be more important. But SEO spreads your branding farther and more sustainably than anything else. …

Sidewalk Branding Co.

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