Making Your Content Matter — quality over quantity

In answering a Tweet recently about content, Google’s John Muller had this to say…

In my work, I see many businesses busily writing blogs, social media posts, and adding pages to their website but unable to point to many (if any) new business leads for their efforts.

Writing content for the sake of writing content is a waste of your time.

If this sounds like you, here are some simple things you can do to increase the value of your content….

  • Be sure to do some keyword research before every post (blog, page, story, what have you) — even a quick study is better than none at all.
  • Make sure to include variations of a keyword theme within the navigation, title, body, and image (properties, filename, alternate attribute).
  • Short content isn’t likely to benefit your goals, be certain to write more than 300 words — at a bare minimum. Search “Google thin content” to see why. Blog length over 1800 words should be the standard goal — not the exception.
  • Make sure to link the blog/post back to a page on your website that is also contextual relevant.
  • Use blog Tags like keywords and Categories like the chapters in a book.

Once you have something written, look at your Google Analytics to see the day/time people are most active on your site — similarly, there are analytic data on social platforms. Publish when activity is highest to best your odds of having your most valued audience see your message.

These tips are not going to magically change your marketing outcomes, but with consistent adherence to these tips, and by building upon them, tomorrows results will undoubtedly improve.

Get out there and Just Do It!

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